kidrobot adventure time enamel pin series

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Straight from the Land of Ooo and onto your favorite pinnable piece, comes the Adventure Time Enamel Pin Series in blind boxed goodness. With Jake the dog and Finn the Human, the fun will never end with these 14 characters from the hit Kidrobot x Adventure Time mini series. Get ready to sport your favorite Adventure Time character with pride because it’s Adventure Time!

Collect them all:

  • Finn Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Finn (Grass Sword) Enamel Pin- 1/20
  • Jake Enamel Pin - 3/20
  • Lady Rainicorn Enamel Pin- 1/20
  • Flame Princess Enamel Pin - 1/20
  • Magic Man Enamel Pin - 1/40
  • Marceline Enamel Pin - 3/40
  • Lich Enamel Pin - 1/20
  • Abe Enamel Pin - 1/40
  • LSP Enamel Pin - 3/40
  • BMO Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Princess Bubblegum Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Gunter Enamel Pin - 2/20
  • Ice King Enamel Pin - 1/20

What is a blind box? 

A blind box is a product sold in a box containing a random item from any one series. Like the hobby of collecting trading cards, you know what set you are buying from, but don't know exactly what you've got until you open the package!

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