rastaclat year of the rooster bracelet

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Rastaclat is a symbol of righteousness and doing good for yourself and others. The brand believes that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence and unite us as human beings. Rastaclat itself means: the cloth of the righteous. 

The rooster is the tenth Chinese Zodiac sign that begins on January 28th 2017 & ends February 15th, 2018. The Chinese Zodiac animal signs are different each year according to a 12-year cycle. Each year is also associated with an element; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. 2017 is the year of the fire rooster which comes once every 60 years! Rastaclat is paying homage to this years chinese zodiac sign with an exclusive "Year of the Rooster" classic bracelet. 


80% Polyester

20% Lurex

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