victrola 'gonna get better' caftan (pink/gold)

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With it's low v-cut neckline, the Gonna Get Better pink and gold caftan can be described as simply lovely. Made out of poly chiffon and artistically splatter painted in metallic gold, the short caftan is sexy and ethereal, yet simple enough to wear. Paired with a t-shirt and jeans, leggings, or even as a swimsuit coverup, Gonna Get Better caftan is extremely versatile in it's many ways to wear it-always serving as a statement piece.

About the designer:

VICTROLA came to be in 2009 as the alter ego of it's designer, Lauren Cram. She feels that there is an alter ego inside of each of us that is just screaming to get out. VICTROLA just happens to be hers. The line is aimed for the young, confident woman that is daring. This free-spirited woman is a trendsetter, thinks outside of the box, and tends to stick out of the crowd. Above all else, the VICTROLA woman is fearless.

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